School Of Lightness / Ecole de Legerete

In November 2010 I attended at Teacher Clinic at Juravon Park in Melton taught by Philippe Karl, this was my introduction to the Ecole De Legerete. Philippe Karl had been in Melbourne presenting at Equitana and it seemed like the Who is Who the Melbourne community were at that first course.

Since then I have been lucky enough to enhance my skills and equine understanding, initially by following the School as an auditor and then by being accepted as a trainee teacher. So far I have completed the following examinations:

What is the Ecole de Legerete

  • The Ecole de Legerete is founded on a deep knowledge of the horse, including anatomy, physiology, ethology etc It is not a finished point and can take in new information as it is presented. It is not just a set of rules. However it also respects and conserves the knowledge of the past.
  • The Ecole de Legerete is a philosophy which takes account of the teaching's of historical masters including Xenephon, Tieste, La Brun, La Gueriniere, Hunersdorf, Baron de Sinde, Baucher, Rabe, Beudant, Kerbreche, Nuno Oliveira.
  • The word Legerete has a special meaning in the equestrian community in France, while we can directly translate Legerete to Lightness, actually Legerete has a meaning related to the quality of availability in the horse and an efficiency in communication between horse and rider.
  • The Ecole de Legerete refuses any use of power or force (no fixed reins or gadgets).
  • The Ecole de Legerete is for all horses and all riders. Not only the naturally talented ones (thank goodness for that!).


The association “APPEL – Association pour la Promotion de l’Ecole de Légèreté” was established in March 2013 in France. The aim of the association is to spread the philosophy of Légèreté throughout the world and to secure the success of the School in the long term. By providing funding and volunteer expertise, APPEL supports projects and activities worldwide related to the Ecole de Légèreté.

Should you wish to support the work of Philippe Karl and the Ecole de Légèreté, especially through presentations to the general public, please join our community by becoming a member of our association APPEL. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Philippe Karl has written the following books:
He has also published a number of videos available on DVD or through a WeHorse subscription: