On-Property Lease

Through the Blinkbonnie On-Property Lease program we provide the chance to spend time with horses in addition to what can be achieved within a one hour Lesson format. On-Property leases are designed to suit people thinking of owning a horse who are too busy with family or career to manage full time horse care responsibilities.

Riding Lease with Ecole de Legerete trained Horse

This lease is suited to people who have at least an intermediate level of riding skills who wish to pursue Ecole de Legerete training without the need to purchase their own horse. In addition to regular riding and in-hand lessons On-Property Lease participants will be taught all aspects of horse care. Leases include tack and saddle hire.

Cost -

  • $160pw (one lesson every 2nd week)
  • $200 (weekly lesson)

Groundwork Lease with Ecole de Legerete trained Horse

This is suited to people who have previous horse experience but are no longer able to ride (due to injury or other circumstances). Learning and practicing Ecole de Legerete lunging and in-hand techniques you will find joy in your ability to bond with and enhance the physical and training outcomes for your lease horse. In addition to regular in-hand lessons On-Property Lease participants will be taught all aspects of horse care.

Cost -

  • $160pw (one lesson every 2nd week)
  • $200 (weekly lesson)

Pamper Package Lease with Retired Riding School Horse

This lease is suited to people who want to spend relaxed time around horses and the lovely rural environment at Blinkbonnie, enhancing their physical and mental wellbeing while playing an important part in the care of the retired Blinkbonnie school horses. This type of lease can be suited to both experienced and in-experienced horse people. The only pre-requisite is a love of horses! On-Property Lease participants will be taught all aspects of horse care. With some horses there is the possibility to add groundwork and horsemanship lessons on a casual basis (cost is $90 per lesson).

Cost -

  • $55pw

Lease Features

Minimum Lease Period is 6 Months, with 1 monthly renewal thereafter

Included in the lease price is the following:
  • The right to visit and ride the leased horse on any of the open days. Currently the property is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This may vary but will be no less than 3 days.
  • All general expenses including, worming, feet, teeth, vaccinations
  • Agistment including hay when required.
  • Use of all Blinkbonnie facilities.
  • Supplements and additional feeding as required.
  • Supervision of the property while the property is open by a suitably experienced person.
  • Training by the supervisor in practical aspects of horse career
  • A formal induction training session


Agistment at Blinkbonnie is limited to a small number of horses and will only suit owners who do not require 24/7 access as Blinkbonnie is only open to Agistees during normal opening hours.

Part and Full care packages can be negotiated with both shared and private paddock options possible. Prices start at $84 per week.

Leasing Testimonials

I"We have been leasing a gorgeous horse at Blinkbonnie for just over six months. It has been a fantastic experience. Under Christine's expert guidance we have learnt a lot about caring for a horse and are starting to learn to ride in the Legerete style. Christine is highly safety conscious and her horses are well trained and cared for. Would thoroughly recommend the lease program which allows you to build a relationship with a particular horse without the stress or time demands of owning one outright. Couldn't recommend highly enough."


"I am really enjoying leasing my horse Kyte at Blinkbonnie. The leasing arrangement is a fabulous opportunity for a beginner like me. My confidence and horsey knowledge has grown immensely and I love being free to spend time with him every week."


"I have been leasing a horse at Blinkbonnie for 3 years now. My lease allows me to work fulltime and still have time to ride ‘my’ beautiful horse Millie usually three times a week. The cost of my lease includes all feed, farriers, dentist etc, my regular lessons in Legerete, and provision of all the gear I need (saddle, bridle, saddle blanket, rugs etc). I look after Millie when I am there, but Christine (or her friendly staff) look after her when I am not, or when I am away. Christine organises farrier, dentist visits etc, and is always available to give advice and support. Best of all, Christine gives Millie and me lessons in Legerete (lightness of aids), a way of riding I had wanted to learn ever since seeing a demonstration by Philippe Karl (the founder of Ecole de Legerete – School of Lightness) in 2010. Christine is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor of Legerete and Millie and I have learned so much together. I highly recommend leasing a horse at Blinkbonnie."


"I started leasing a horse through the on-property lease program about a month ago. Christine has a wealth of knowledge and really cares for her horses and riders, ensuring she matches you with the right horse. I've been riding a schoolmaster called Will while getting back in to riding after a 10 year break, and have now transferred to Eachan who is helping me learn Legerete. I used to own and compete my own horse through high school, but had to pause my riding as I studied at uni. When I found the on-property lease program I was so excited! Until this point I had found it hard to get back into my passion, given the time and responsibility buying a horse takes. With the Blinkbonnie on property lease I can feel like I own a horse again. I can spend time and bond with Eachan while also managing my work and home life, as Christine keeps complete care of Eachan. PLUS I get regular lessons to help me back into learning great horsemanship. If you've had a break and want to start riding again, but it seems overwhelming with time, cost and feeling confident with your knowledge. This program is perfect. It is cost comparable to agisting your own horse at a facility (and all the other feed/shoeing/vet etc expenses). BUT you also get support from Christine and several other knowledgeable employees, regular lessons (!), no upfront cost of buying a horse, and complete care if you just can't quite make it as much as you'd like. Perfect segue to getting back in to riding, and later on I'll make that next exciting step to buying my own."