Private Lessons:

Through our Private Lessons we teach both ridden and in-hand techniques.

Focus is on the rider / handler’s position and technical knowledge as well as teaching a systematic approach to the refinement of the rider / handler's hand, leg, whip and seat aids. Lessons are taught according to Ecole de Legerete (School of Lightness) principles. With respect of the individual horse at its heart this approach is a logical and progressive method of horse training encompassing relaxation, balance, impulsion, flexibility, mobility and collection/cadence while developing straightness.

Riders are taught how to achieve the best and lightest results from any given horse, at the appropriate level for their age and training.

Private Riding Lessons are available for most horse and rider levels, we offer lessons on our school horses or on your own horse. Please note that the minimum age for lessons is 15yo and there is only very limited availability for beginner lessons on Blinkbonnie School Horses.

Private In-hand lessons are available for horses from foal age upwards, including lead and tie up training, lunging, in-hand techniques and pre-breaking work.

At Blinkbonnie with Blinkbonnie School horse

  • Price

    $100 per hour

  • DaysWed – Sat during daylight hours

On Owners Own Property with Own Horse

  • Price

    $90 may also include an extra travel cost if outside Bangholme

  • DaysSunday only

At Blinkbonnie with Own Horse

  • Price

    $90 per hour

  • DaysWed – Sat during daylight hours

Lesson Testimonial:

"We went to Australia for a holiday from the UK and our daughter Annie was given a private riding lesson by the lovely Christine. She enjoyed it so much that we booked a further two lessons before coming home. Big M was a lovely horse and took great care of Annie. Highly recommend a visit if you are going to Melbourne." - Sophie